All Raspberries

Sharing bites at Prince Maxmilian

Prince Maxmilian,(Hotel Max), a new open style bar and restaurant in Commercial Road Prahran was buzzing with late Friday afternoon patrons and young families in a very friendly atmosphere.

My late afternoon at the Hotel Max turned out to be very relaxing with tasty shared plates of small bites between friends. Depending on how hungry you are you can go for small bites, medium bites or large bites.

Our small bites plates included grilled chorizo, candied shallots and balsamic, cocotte tiger prawns w chilli and garlic. gruyere toasties w smoked pepper and more.

The best thing about sharing is that you get to sample all three desserts, with raspberries of course,  They were all delicious but the chocolate was a favourite and there was a lot of sharing to be done with the sweet tooth mother-to-be.

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